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It's a People Problem

I had the privilege of being invited to the Cyber Leadership Symposium organised by Lancaster University and Templar Executives. It was a great event, bringing together many of our best cyber security leaders from government, public service, industry and academia to engage with each other and with us mere mortals. I am far from being a cyber leader, though I think I may have been the oldest and longest serving in the field: being a family company focusses your ambition and perhaps limits it. I had a few hidden agendas in attending. First, we are working with four students from the Lancaster MSc in Cyber Security on projects that are basically my brain children: some might say my pet projects or even 'bees in my bonnet' - more about them in a later post; so this was a nice opportunity to chat with those students and with their tutors, which was enjoyable and rewarding. Second, and perhaps because I have throughout my career worked with many students and new entrants to the profe