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Early Years

 I always wanted to be a teacher. Well, not quite: I wanted to be a superhero with a magic flying Rolls Royce Silver Phantom: then, briefly, during Apollo, an astronaut, and then an RAF fighter pilot but they wouldn't have me because my eyesight wasn't good enough so I transferred to the Flight Navigator program but they rejected me for having no personality or leadership qualities. But by the time I applied to University I wanted to be a teacher: to study physics so I could be a primary school teacher and teach physics - and maths - differently, as I, in my teenage arrogance, felt it should be taught. I've wondered since why I felt that way: what was wrong with maths and physics teaching, that I wanted to go to University to study and learn how to teach it better? Mr Wyatt started it: he was our primary school teacher and he went on a year's teacher exchange to Canada and when he came back he showed us how to make hot air ballons out of plastic bags and cotton wool and