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Everything they taught you was wrong

"Everything they taught you was wrong"... A biochemist said that to me recently: entering upon a PhD, remembering what had been said when she embarked upon A level, degree, MSc, PhD.... At each stage the new teacher, lecturer, tutor, supervisor .... everything they taught you was wrong, now we start to learn what is right. We are all familiar with it - at various stages in our education, someone takes apparent delight in disillusioning us - everything we learnt is wrong, so we have to start again. But the thing is, it wasn't wrong. When we learn something - anything that is at all complex - we have to simplify it. Almost everything worth learning is unutterably complex - complicated almost or actually beyond understanding. So what we do is, to learn an aspect of it. 'Aspect' is a visual term - it describes the way you look at something: the view you take of it, how it looks from a given viewpoint. Take a house for example, Not much more familiar, nor m