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An admission: Despite coming from a family of committed Liberal political campaigners, I have for many years voted for the individual: for the local councillor or MP I thought would best represent - well, me actually, not The People. And not just because a life in a Liberal family conditioned me to a lifetime of electoral defeat (I live in Surrey...). I always read election literature from all the parties, look up what they say in newspapers and at the hustings (and now, on line or, even though I almost never watch TV, yes, I do sometimes at election time). I guess that is kind of weird actually - because the accepted narrative is that people are 'fed up' of politics and 'distrust' all politicians - whereas I am really interested, and trust almost all of them to some degree until sometimes (rarely, I should say) I am confronted with incontrovertible evidence of their perfidy. I even feel sorry for Donald Trump, for goodness sake, and I am not even American. Because