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Homeschool maths

Homeschooling has become a household word during pandemic lockdown, but both my grandchildren have been homeschooled since before the pandemic. Surrey historically has too few state school places, and Joshua was not offered one locally so would have had an hour's commute to a school in the next town. My daughter Jenny runs a pre-school and has a good educational brain, so took the brave - and so far very good - decision to homeschool. Since they all live with us (we are what in pandemic times is called a 'multigenerational household') I get to see homeschooling in action. Although I spent much of my career teaching, it was in industry and at Masters university level so I am involved mostly in opining wisely about strategy rather than actually teaching school level. Since I studied physics and spent my career in physics, computing and mathematics I am handy to have around to answer questions but despite having been a school governor for ten years and chair of governors for f