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Pain, no gain

This has been an 'interesting' year for my running. For many years I have been able to say (OK, boast...) that I have never sustained a running injury that stopped me from running. It is about the only thing about my running I could boast about, because I am very much an average (to below average..) runner in terms of speed, endurance, style: and as a Run England run group leader and author of Slow Running, at least in my own head it lent me some measure of credibility. But no more... ...and how it happened is a salutary lesson, in showing that I should have followed my own advice. I went for a short run, last January, with my then 12-year old grandson. I had changed running shoes, from my usual straightforward Adidas style I have worn for decades, to a lighter, flatter, less cushioned shoe because everybody tells me I should try barefoot running and lighter shoes seemed at least a step in that direction. Joshua, being 12, shot off like a rocket. I, being then 63, and