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Sleeping Out

Although I live in Woking, in sleepy Surrey, I visit Bristol quite often for work. Usually I travel by train to Brunel's Bristol Temple Meads Station (in the Engine Shed of which my office once was..). I stay in the Bristol Novotel - a nice mid-range hotel, very comfortable, with good food, where through my many stays I now know and am nicely welcomed by many of the staff. Due to my frequent visitor status I am welcomed with a free drink - which is indeed welcome, as it comes after what is usually a late evening train journey of two or three hours. From the hotel it is a few minutes' walk along the river to the modern office building in Glass Wharf. Just after exiting the hotel I walk past a little park where homeless people sleep. If I stay three days, Sarah often comes with me and we stay at 'luxury apartments' (luxury is relative...) in Easton - one of Bristol's less well presented districts. From Easton we walk through a little park where homeless people s