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Apathy Soc

When I was an undergraduate at University, I enjoyed going to Student Union debates. They were interesting, often passionate, debates - sometimes discussions, often arguments. Much of what was debated directly affected us students and the University - I recall one heated debate over whether the Union should promote the idea - revolutionary in the 1970s - of a coffee bar: the notion that student social life then might revolve around something other than cheap alcohol was actually quite new, and strange as it may now seem coffee shops were then rare. That was the main stuff of the Union, really - how best to direct limited funds to support student societies ('Socs', they were called); what to request from the University in terms of student welfare; how to encourage better teaching; what amenities should be provided on campus. Some debates were wider - issues over which we had no real influence whatsoever - the future of nuclear power, of nuclear weapons, what we should '